Q:  How much are your creations? (Cakes, Cupcakes, Desserts)

A:  Price varies depending on size, quantity, time, and resources needed to make your unique creation.  If you have something specific in mind please feel free to contact me for quote.

 Q:  How far ahead should I order my creation?

A:  The earlier the better.  Most creations require a little research and some prep time so the earlier you order the better.  A rule of thumb is place/confirm your order no less 2 weeks before your event.

Q:  Can I add something special to my creation after it has been created?

A:  If your creation is for a special occasion that has a theme please let me know ahead of time so that I can incorporate that special item into your creation.  Some items cannot be added later so please let me know ahead of time.

Q:  Why are your creations more expensive than supermarkets or bakeries?

A:  Unlike supermarkets and bakeries, your creation is the only thing I’m focusing on.  Because each creation is unique and can vary dramatically from one to another resources are purchased per order and not in bulk.  This guarantees freshness and more customization chooses than you would normally get from a supermarket or bakery.

Q:  Do you deliver?

A:  I don’t usually deliver but there are exceptions.  Most orders are easily picked up by the customer but occasionally some creations require special care due to the delicate nature of the creation, such as a multi-tiered cake.  If a special delivery is required a delivery fee may apply.